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Weather and avalanche observations simplified

SnowObs Avalanche Software that shows infrasound events in a list format as well as a visual graph.

A Valuable Way To Experience Data

Be efficient with SnowObs Software Solutions

SnowObs creates operational efficiencies for avalanche programs by streamlining and automating tasks. Quickly document and review weather and avalanche data with effortless forms and comprehensive visualizations. SnowObs maximizes time spent on tasks you prioritize most, such as making critical decisions and collecting field data.

Creating Operational Efficiencies

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    Weather Observations

    Standardize, automate and visualize current and historical weather with insightful reports and maps.

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    Avalanche Data

    Enhance avalanche hazard evaluation through avalanche observations and monitoring.

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    Enhance Communication

    The SnowObs platform is designed to share data within your operation. Remote access allows the team communication conditions with ease despite their location.

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    Share Data

    Easily share snow and avalanche observations in real time with other organizations

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A graph within the SnowObs app that is showing customized report of mountain weather.

Standardize | Automate | Visualize

Weather Observations

Quickly visualize current and historical weather across your forecast zones with insightful reports and maps. Bring weather data automatically into forms to quickly assess avalanche hazards.

Observations In One Map

Avalanche Data Exploration

The avalanche atlas is a critical part of any avalanche forecasting program. Visualize avalanche observations and real time avalanche monitoring on an interactive 3D map. Aggregate avalanche observations to track trends and statistics, enhancing future forecasts.

SnowObs app on mobile device displaying avalanche tracker data.

Enhance Understanding

Communicate Current Conditions With Ease

The SnowObs platform is designed to share data within your operation. You can access SnowObs anytime and anywhere, from any web browser! Improve your situational awareness or pre-shift briefings by effectively communicating current weather and avalanche observations, either through charts or reports.

Screenshot showing how SnowObs allows you to share data with certain organizations. You can choose to share the Avalanche Atlas, Avalanche Obs, or both.

Easily Share Data

Create An Observation Community

Sharing weather and avalanche information with other organizations can be extremely tedious. With SnowObs, simply flip a switch and instantly share observations with other organizations in SnowObs. Your observations will be visible immediately to them, building operational safety and interagency collaboration.

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