Mountain Weather API

Weather changes quickly in the mountains, get the most up to date measurements
Mountain Weather API machinery covered in heavy snow in the mountains.

Take control of your weather data

Providing the Most Timely Mountain Weather Data Possible

Time sensitive decision making can’t wait for late measurements. The Mountain Weather API provides the most up to date information from a curated set of stations focused on mountain regions.

Our API Features

  • Prompt data access
  • Normalize multiple data sources in simple format
  • Scalable REST API
  • Current and historical data access
  • JSON or geoJSON output
  • English or metric

Connecting You To Data

  • Synoptic Data
  • NRCS Snotel
  • Northwest Avalanche Center
  • Bring your own data
Data studio showing multiple visual reports available within SnowObs.

Bring your own data

Getting Setup is Easy

We build custom solutions to ingest your weather data by utilizing either a url, data files, or communicating with the weather station logger directly. Advise us when your data is collected and it will be accessible shortly after. We’ll monitor the data to ensure the weather station is operating and notify you of any data issues that may arise.

Integration With Other Services
Visualization of current and historical weather reports and maps from the Mountain Weather API.


Creating operational efficiencies

Visualize current and historical weather with insightful reports and maps. Weather data from the Mountain Weather API is brought automatically into forms to quickly assess avalanche hazards.

Weather API Map showing Snotel, NWAC & Mesowest notifications.

National Avalanche Center Weather Maps

Over 30,000 Users Per Day

Mountain Weather API currently serves 10 backcountry Avalanche Centers. The mountain weather data provides over 30,000 backcountry users daily with valuable weather information before traveling in the backcountry.

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